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All’s Fair in Blog and War Print Edition is now Available

The print edition of All’s Fair in Blog and War is finally available. Yes, I’ve finally finished staring and touching the pretty pretty books (My preshusssss…), so I can finally part with them.

Each high quality print copy is available for 300 pesos, plus applicable, location dependent shipping charges. Why so much for such a slim volume? Because All’s Fair in Blog and War is independently published, it has a small print run. Small print runs translate to higher production costs for each copy. Yes. Your economics teacher is right.

Rest assured though, good quality material was used to print the books. I’m sure that once the copy is in your hands, you’ll be ooohing and aaaahing as well. (Our preshusssssss…)

If digital’s your thing and would prefer to read on your ebook reader, tablet, or phone, the ebooks are still available on Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, and a few more retailers.

If you don’t have access to a credit card, are worried about divulging your credit card info to online retailers, or would rather not make an account with the listed online retailers, you can now buy the ebook directly from me. Payment method will be via BPI Deposit (Mobile or Over the Counter—BPI makes no additional charges) and the ebook will be sent to your email address.

Finally, if you missed out on the #romanceclass discounted ebook bundle during the recently held Aklatan, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s still available. Visit Publishing in Pajamas for this special discounted bundle, as well as for other independently published ebooks by popular Filipina chicklit author and #romanceclass mentor, Mina V. Esguerra.

Want a copy now? The order form and pertinent links are all available on the purchase page.

All’s Fair in Blog and War joins Aklatan

This weekend marked a couple of firsts for me, as #romanceclass and our mentor, Mina V. Esguerra, set up shop at Aklatan, the first All Filipino Book Fair. What firsts? Well for one, it was the first time my novella, All’s Fair in Blog and War, has been included in a book fair; it was the first time the print edition has been made available; it was the first time it was being sold in a non-online environment (both the ebook and print book); and it’s the first time I sold a book in person.

Aklatan 2013

With fellow authors Chris Mariano, Stella Torres, and Mina Esguerra. And of course, my boss, Miffy.

It was an exciting weekend, to say the least. Our little table with its independently published work was sitting side by side with the tables of all these big and respected publishers. It felt so surreal. Just wow.

Aklatan 2013

Our books are not a lie!

Aklatan 2013

Make Danboard happy. Read!

So, if you were there during Aklatan and we met, please forgive me if I was so tongue-tied. I promise to not be so “deer-stuck-in-a-car’s-headlights” next time. Maybe it won’t be as surreal next time, but I know it will be just as exciting.

Aklatan 2013

BONUS! And to complete our day, we made our boss (with her Trese-est frown) and her fanboy father pose with Trese creators Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo.

Blog Tour Round Up

It’s the middle of the All’s Fair in Blog and War + Well Played Blog Tour, so I figure it would be a good time to do a round-up of the participating blogs. I found it really cool that while the different blogs are doing a review of the same book, they have different insights. It’s quite an eyeopener really. That’s why I think it’s worth visiting each stop. If you missed one, or haven’t gotten around to bloghopping, please drop in on our awesometastic participants.

And if you find the idea of the blog tour interesting, you may want to sign up for the future blog and social media tours arranged by the wonderful Dia from Book Junkie Blog Tours. She has a few more books lined up which I’m sure you’d enjoy.

September 1:
Book Review – Sab The Book Eater
Book Review – Donnie Darko Girl

September 2:
Excerpt Reveal – Dems Angeles
Excerpt Reveal – Freine’s Spectacular Finds

September 3:
Book Review – Citizen Judie

September 4:
Book Review – Krissyfied
Author Interview – The Moon Lost a Faerie

September 5:
Guest Post – Ficsation
Excerpt Reveal – Publishing in Pajamas

September 6:
Review – Amaterasu Reads
Excerpt Reveal – The Gypsy Gals

Septer 7:
Review – Not Just Silly Thoughts

Messing with this blog

Yes, I messed with the menu bars. I couldn’t help it, it wasn’t quite as organized as I wanted so I messed with it. I realize that people might be dropping in because of the blog tour, so it better look nice. If you like clicking things, there’s a surprise somewhere here. Think of it as a reward for being a clicker.

Anyway, it’s 3am and I should be sleeping. Hoping to do a round up of the different blog tour stops later. If you need it NOW, while it’s unfolding, may I suggest following me on facebook for timelier updates?

So, did you find it already? Heehee.