About Luna East and The Goddess of Lost Things

Last year, I posted a short story called Sitting in a Tree. This short story was written for a #romanceclass project called Luna East, a fictional high school that was created by #romanceclass mentor Mina V. Esguerra to serve as a YA story playground of sorts.

But the wonderful thing is that Luna East is now more than just a set of related stories. The first few stories have been collected and will soon come out in paperback! Excited much? Here’s a list of the stories in the first volume:

  • Be Creative – Stella Torres
  • Senpai’s #1 Fan – Anne Plaza
  • Not Exactly Queen-Like – Alyssa Ashley Lucas
  • Picture Me Naked – D. R. Lee
  • Something Real – Miles Tan
  • Wouldn’t Change A Thing – Jayen San Diego
  • You Are the Apple of My Eye – Addie Lynn Co
  • The Letter – M. Protacio-De Guzman
  • Where Do We Go From Here – Jen Carpio
  • The Rumor About Me – Kristel S. Villar
  • He Loves Me Not – Athena Claire Duenas
  • Sitting in a Tree – Chrissie Peria
  • Yours Is the First Face That I Saw – Ron Lim
  • Fifty-Two Weeks – Mina V. Esguerra

Details are still under wraps, but it’s slated to come out early this year.

That said, I’ve taken Sitting on a Tree down from this site (and from Wattpad) because I rewrote it for the alth. And the rewrite is so much better than the old version, so I’d really prefer if people read that instead. (Ben agrees, he likes himself better in the new version.)

Doing that, however, makes my Other Stories section look so sad. To make up for it, I’m posting a new short story (a vignette, really) about a chance encounter with a goddess. It’s not quite like the other stories I’ve published before, but I’m hoping you’ll like it just as much. That said, please click on to read The Goddess of Lost Things.

I want to hear what you think. I also want potato chips.