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Hot Like This Exclusive: Pegging Luis Inoue

HotLikeThis-smallv2While collaborating on our short stories All I Want for Christmas and Hot Like This, one character who we loved to bits was Luis Inoue. The gorgeous Japanese-Brazilian model who caught Ginny’s fancy and Elaine’s heart captivated us throughout the whole writing process. (We love you Marco, but ABS!)

Even during the earliest stages of brainstorming, when the idea of creating a character who was a male model came up, there was one name that stuck. Daniel Matsunaga.
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Mid-year Christmas Gift: All I Want for Christmas

All I Want for Christmas

All I Want for Christmas

If you don’t have a copy of All I Want for Christmas yet, now’s a good time to grab a copy of this Amazon exclusive novelette. It will be free this weekend, June 21-22 (June 20-21 PST). This story, co-written with Chris Mariano and Miles Tan, features Ginny, a girl who’s determined to catch the eye of Manila’s current model du jour, Luis Inoue. That is, if her best friend’s brother, Marco, lets her.

Why the sudden freebie? Well, let’s just say we want more people to get to know Luis because… well, just because. *hint hint*

Anyway, if you haven’t, please do grab a copy. And if you have, please share the news with your friends. Or better yet, do both.

SODA: State of the Desktop Address

It has been six months since the last update. Bad bad blogging practice, I know. But on the bright side, please know that I’ve been spending the time away from my WordPress Dashboard writing fiction.

Two wonderful things to share before I head off to Revision-land:

1. New novelette out soon. Remember All I Want for Christmas? Well, Chris Mariano, Miles Tan, and I have been working on something new. And it will be out really, really soon. We hope you like hot Brazilian models as much as we do.

2. New book out soon. I’m in the editing stages of a new story that’ll also be out soon, I hope. It’s another contemporary romance, this time about a career girl who can’t cook for shit, and the chef she enlists to teach her. I’d like to think that it’s a sweet and funny story, but truth is, it’s a little bit steamier than All’s Fair in Blog and War. Are you still with me?