Mid-year Christmas Gift: All I Want for Christmas

All I Want for Christmas

All I Want for Christmas

If you don’t have a copy of All I Want for Christmas yet, now’s a good time to grab a copy of this Amazon exclusive novelette. It will be free this weekend, June 21-22 (June 20-21 PST). This story, co-written with Chris Mariano and Miles Tan, features Ginny, a girl who’s determined to catch the eye of Manila’s current model du jour, Luis Inoue. That is, if her best friend’s brother, Marco, lets her.

Why the sudden freebie? Well, let’s just say we want more people to get to know Luis because… well, just because. *hint hint*

Anyway, if you haven’t, please do grab a copy. And if you have, please share the news with your friends. Or better yet, do both.

I want to hear what you think. I also want potato chips.