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FRCA 2014: On Free Books and A Reminder to Vote

The Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards is wonderful because it showcases Filipino books published the previous year. It allows readers to discover books they haven’t heard of, and share books they love with other readers.

It’s doubly wonderful because free copies of the nominated books abound, and free books are always good, right? Here’s a round-up of free books from the Romance in English Category, aka The Hunger Games. (Sidenote: It has to be the most fun, friendliest category yet.)

Free Book Round-up!

• All’s Fair in Blog and War by Chrissie Peria (whossat?) – Smashwords | Buqo | Wattpad
• Finding X by Miles Tan – Free on Amazon (from September 1-3 as part of the ebook bundle Love is the Answer)
• The Real Score by Kesh Tanglao – Free with coupon code HP72D on Smashwords | Free on Amazon (from September 1-3 as part of the ebook bundle Love is the Answer)
• Vintage Love by Agay Llanera – Free on Buqo
• Welcome to Envy Park by Mina V. Esguerra – Free on Buqo
If you’d like to read the other nominees (Katrina Ramos Atienza’s Well Played promo expired 2 days ago, drat!), you can still purchase them from Amazon, Smashwords or Buqo. They’re all well worth the cover price.

Don’t Forget to Vote

The voting period for the Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards is until September 10. Check out the ballot on their official site. It will only take a few minutes and you’ll get to share your book love.

#KitchenSizzles goes live + All’s Fair in Blog and War for FRCA

KitchenSizzles_CoverIf you follow any of my social media accounts, there’s a good chance that you’ve caught me flail-spazzing the past few days. And for good reason, because The Kitchen When It Sizzles, the book I’ve been bombarding you guys the past few weeks, is finally out on Amazon and Smashwords, and soon, on Kobo, Sony, iTunes, Scribd, and other ebook retailers Smashwords services through their premium catalogue. It is currently priced at $0.99 for the whole month of August.

The Kitchen When It Sizzles also has a Goodreads page set up, so please add, shelf, rate, review, and recommend if you feel like sharing the love.
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Cover Reveal: The Kitchen When it Sizzles

More seasoned authors would say I should plan the cover reveal and build buzz around it with teasers and all that shit. But I am a giddy schoolgirl (who’s too hopped up on caffeine) with low emotional quotient, so I’m throwing conventional wisdom to the wind and just sticking my new book’s cover here a couple of minutes after it’s done with not much fanfare other than SURPRISE!

Whew. What was a mouthful.


Say hi to Nate and Olivia, guys! I hope you’re just as eager to meet them as I am to release this book.

Thank you so much to Cla and Miles for the cover consult, and Gail for her handy dandy credits. (Marc, too!)