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My Filipino Book Wishlist

The first week of the NCBD 2015 Book Tour asked participants about their favorite Filipino books. Aptly enough, the last week asks about our book wishlist.

Because even grown-ups read ChilFic & YA

Hulyo 20 – 25: Wish List
Anong Pilipinong aklat pambata o pangkabataan ang gusto mong mailimbag? (Maaaring paksa, uri ng aklat, o ng isang manunulat o ilustrador. Maaaring maglista nang higit sa isa pa.)
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July 20-25: Wish List
What Filipino children’s or YA book do you want to see published? (It can be a topic, kind of book, or by a particular writer or illustrator. You can list down more than one.)

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My Favorite Filipino Children’s Books

I’m a firm believer in showering children with books because they open new worlds and educate, whether directly or indirectly. My own childhood was bookcentric. I grew up with fairytales, both Disney and European, bible stories, Aesop’s fables, Amelia Bedelia, and Blanche, the Blue-Nosed Witch. Eventually, I moved on to Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley, Sweet Dreams, and Christopher Pike.

Hey Girl, I won't take this book out...

One thing lacking in my reading education was Filipino books. The only times I would be exposed to Filipino books were in school, when we’d be required to read Filipino folktales and legends. Fortunately, there are a lot more Filipino books these days, so I’m able to play catch up. My daughter has a lot of Filipino books, too, written in Filipino, English, and sometimes with no words at all. And because the 32nd National Children’s Books Day is coming up, here’s my answer to the NCBD Blog Tour question about my favorite Filipino children’s books.
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