#StrangeLit Diaries Or that Book with the Bleak Cover is also Mine

So, one of my favorite authors, Mina V. Esguerra, tweeted this yesterday:

My response was a resounding hell yeah. Because a little over a month ago, Mina started #StrangeLit, an online writing class for Paranormal and Urban Fantasy fiction. The goal was to come up with a paranormal or fantasy story in a month. Short story, novella, or novel, it didn’t matter as long as the participants finished. That’s the battlecry for most of Mina’s classes; finishing stories, because writers are a lazy bunch and we’d rather imagine than actually write. (True, writer friends, yes?)

I was reluctant to join at first. I had other writing projects on my plate and my urban fantasy plot bunny was still tiny and needed to be fed. But when she dangled the mentor list at us, (authors Kate Evangelista, Marian Tee, Paolo Chikiamco, and Budjette Tan—YES, Trese’s Budjette Tan) I had to go, “Fuckyeah, sign me up!” because while I read fantasy, it’s outside my comfort zone. Learning from pros would be welcome. This despite the fact that I was elbow deep in a romance manuscript that was running farther and farther away from the deadline it missed. (The chicken did not only cross the road, it hopped a plane and is going god knows where but definitely not the finish line.)

I am thankful I did sign up, because now, I’m still on an I-finished-a-story high. It’s not quite like the other stories I’ve published, not just because it’s on the spec-fic side of the road but also because it’s a bit darker than the usual bubblegum romances I write.

The Last Night of Her Wake is a short story about a family. It’s not scary, but it has frightening elements. It’s not a romance, but it has a pair of lovers. It’s not real, but it is true.

It’s not a happy story, but finishing it made me happy.

I wrote this story. And I’m looking forward to the day when you can read it.

* * * * *

To end this post, here’s another tweet from Mina.


Now I shall hobble off to work on my next romance

I want to hear what you think. I also want potato chips.