The Kitchen When It Sizzles Is Now a Spark Book

What the title says, yes! I’ve been sitting on this bit of news since late last year, chomping at the bit to tell everyone. While there have been hints here and there, let me confirm it here for realsies.

The Kitchen When It Sizzles is coming out in paperback under Anvil Publishing’s Spark Books imprint this month. It will be available at the Manila International Book Fair and later on, at National Bookstore branches nationwide. It’s the same book you’ve read and love, but it has a brand spanking new cover by the awesome Clarissa Ines. Yes, she also did the cover design for All’s Fair in Blog and War.

Insanely pretty cover, don’t you agree?

Aside from Kitchen Sizzles, there are five other books coming out from Spark Books. You’re probably familiar with these. Like Kitchen Sizzles, Cla also designed brand new covers for them.

Aren’t they gorgeous? I’m definitely looking forward to lining them all up prettily on my shelf. September’s such a pretty month for romance. See you all at the MIBF!

2013-0829_frca-logo_for-webThe Kitchen When It Sizzles first came out in 2014. So yeah, it’s in the running for Best Romance in English at the Filipino Readers Choice Awards 2015. If you’re a Nate and Liv fan, please do show them some love by voting. Rules say one vote per category, one ballot per email address. Top three titles per category move on to the finals (partial and unofficial results here).

PPS from Nate:
That obnoxious Jesse has been gloating and giving me a hard time about this FRCA thing. Help me shut him up?

I want to hear what you think. I also want potato chips.