Monthly Archives: October 2015

Spark Books Launch and Signing

If you haven’t gotten the newest Spark Books yet, please join us as we launch the newest titles on October 25, 4pm at National Bookstore Glorietta 1. You can pick up your copies, freebies, and get them signed. A lot of the local indie romance writers are dropping by too (because we’re a happy supportive community!) so aside from the formal signing, you can get your other books signed, too!

Hope to see you there!

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#StrangeLit now live on Buqo

This announcement is a few days late, but remember that #StrangeLit workshop I took part in? The 41 stories that were finished during the workshop are now all live on ebook retailer Buqo. This mix of short stories, novellas, and full novels has been divided into four ebook bundles that contain a little bit of everything.

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