#StrangeLit now live on Buqo

This announcement is a few days late, but remember that #StrangeLit workshop I took part in? The 41 stories that were finished during the workshop are now all live on ebook retailer Buqo. This mix of short stories, novellas, and full novels has been divided into four ebook bundles that contain a little bit of everything.


The four bundles are:
Incredible Truths
Killer Seasons
• Fateful Turns
Darkest Dreams

The short story I wrote, The Last Night of Her Wake, is part of the Killer Seasons bundle.

12042984_10206893081197438_1627200648581005848_nKiller Seasons
A werewolf chef, a cursed family, a spell to forget. You’ll meet these and more in the ten stories of the KILLER SEASONS installment of ‪#‎StrangeLit‬, featuring:

Resto Rescue by Maita Rue

The Last Night of Her Wake by Chrissie Peria

House of Silver: A Cursebreaker Novel by C.P. Perez

The Myth Menagerie by Lana Garcia

Vengeance: The Awakening by Arlene Manocot

At The Wishing Well by Amae Dechavez

Intersection by Den Lim

Disappearing Act by Roselle De Guzman

The “Forget You” Brew by Tara Frejas

Aurelia by Japonicus

The bundles are now being sold at the introductory price of P90 each. The price will go up eventually (not sure when), so it’s best to get the bundles you want while they’re cheap. OR BUY ALL THE BOOKS! (Support indie, yes?)


Image credit: Kate W based on the original illustration of Allie Brosh of Hyperbole and a Half

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