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Luna East coming to bookstores soon!

Some time ago, #romanceclass did a shared world set of YA stories called Luna East. Luna East is a fictional arts academy set somewhere in Manila. We designed the setting, the surroundings, the school calendar—almost everything you need to create a story. We created our characters as we crafted our stories. Sometimes, they would even jump into other people’s stories. It was a fun project that eventually turned into an indie paperback and ebook anthology called Kids These Days: Stories from Luna East Arts Academy. It was a fun experience, and we even ended up writing more stories, some making their way into other anthologies or even as stand-alones.

Soon, Anvil Publishing will make the project more accessible by publishing a new paperback edition of Kids These Days. This is doubly exciting because (1), the anthology will reach more readers, and (2) this will introduce the shared universe to other writers who may want to take the plunge and write for Luna East, too! Exciting, yes?

And here’s the teaser icing on the cake: The new paperback cover!

Luna East

I hope you look forward to it. I know I am.

My short story, Sitting in a Tree, is part of Kids These Days.

Two Launches, One Weekend
(Or How I Kept My Sanity In Spite of All the Bookishness)

The last weekend of October was an explosion of bookishness in my life as I attended two book launches in one weekend. It’s probably no big deal for big name authors who tour the world signing books, but for a little indie author in the Philippines, it’s insane nutso bonkers. Heck, I couldn’t even imagine having to do one launch, but two? IN A FREAKING ROW?

#StrangeLit Class Picture

#StrangeLit Class Pic! And that’s not all of us yet

Saturday: #StrangeLit Book Launch at Recession Coffee
I went to the #StrangeLit launch with a toddler dressed as Alexandra Trese, a red poodle dressed as a bat, and a classic palengke bayong in tow. The bayong held packages holding 3-in-1 coffee, biskwit (choose from SkyFlakes, Marie, and Prima), and candies—your classic Pinoy wake fixtures. I labeled them Lamay Survival Kit as a nod to my story The Last Night of Her Wake. Saw what I did there, didn’t you?
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