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A Summary of Feels: #AprilFEELSDay 2016

“Full house!” were the first words out of my mouth upon setting foot in Pegi Waffles. It was April Feels Day, an event that was part book fair / part #romanceclass meet-up. I had just come from the sweltering heat of the Manila summer commute and I was hoping to step inside the cooling comfort provided by the cute little cafe.

My bayong and I on our way to #AprilFEELSDay #romanceclass @romanceclassbooks

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Boy, was I wrong. First, it was hot inside the cafe, an effect of the weather and the airconditioning not being able to keep up with the number of warm bodies in the shop. And two, it was hardly a little meet-up. It was an honest to goodness romance convention and wow, it was an absofarkingtasticalutely wonderful surprise.
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