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Luna East coming to bookstores soon!

Some time ago, #romanceclass did a shared world set of YA stories called Luna East. Luna East is a fictional arts academy set somewhere in Manila. We designed the setting, the surroundings, the school calendar—almost everything you need to create a story. We created our characters as we crafted our stories. Sometimes, they would even jump into other people’s stories. It was a fun project that eventually turned into an indie paperback and ebook anthology called Kids These Days: Stories from Luna East Arts Academy. It was a fun experience, and we even ended up writing more stories, some making their way into other anthologies or even as stand-alones.

Soon, Anvil Publishing will make the project more accessible by publishing a new paperback edition of Kids These Days. This is doubly exciting because (1), the anthology will reach more readers, and (2) this will introduce the shared universe to other writers who may want to take the plunge and write for Luna East, too! Exciting, yes?

And here’s the teaser icing on the cake: The new paperback cover!

Luna East

I hope you look forward to it. I know I am.

My short story, Sitting in a Tree, is part of Kids These Days.

The Kitchen When It Sizzles Is Now a Spark Book

What the title says, yes! I’ve been sitting on this bit of news since late last year, chomping at the bit to tell everyone. While there have been hints here and there, let me confirm it here for realsies.

The Kitchen When It Sizzles is coming out in paperback under Anvil Publishing’s Spark Books imprint this month. It will be available at the Manila International Book Fair and later on, at National Bookstore branches nationwide. It’s the same book you’ve read and love, but it has a brand spanking new cover by the awesome Clarissa Ines. Yes, she also did the cover design for All’s Fair in Blog and War.

Insanely pretty cover, don’t you agree?

Aside from Kitchen Sizzles, there are five other books coming out from Spark Books. You’re probably familiar with these. Like Kitchen Sizzles, Cla also designed brand new covers for them.
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Mid-year Christmas Gift: All I Want for Christmas

All I Want for Christmas

All I Want for Christmas

If you don’t have a copy of All I Want for Christmas yet, now’s a good time to grab a copy of this Amazon exclusive novelette. It will be free this weekend, June 21-22 (June 20-21 PST). This story, co-written with Chris Mariano and Miles Tan, features Ginny, a girl who’s determined to catch the eye of Manila’s current model du jour, Luis Inoue. That is, if her best friend’s brother, Marco, lets her.

Why the sudden freebie? Well, let’s just say we want more people to get to know Luis because… well, just because. *hint hint*

Anyway, if you haven’t, please do grab a copy. And if you have, please share the news with your friends. Or better yet, do both.

SODA: State of the Desktop Address

It has been six months since the last update. Bad bad blogging practice, I know. But on the bright side, please know that I’ve been spending the time away from my WordPress Dashboard writing fiction.

Two wonderful things to share before I head off to Revision-land:

1. New novelette out soon. Remember All I Want for Christmas? Well, Chris Mariano, Miles Tan, and I have been working on something new. And it will be out really, really soon. We hope you like hot Brazilian models as much as we do.

2. New book out soon. I’m in the editing stages of a new story that’ll also be out soon, I hope. It’s another contemporary romance, this time about a career girl who can’t cook for shit, and the chef she enlists to teach her. I’d like to think that it’s a sweet and funny story, but truth is, it’s a little bit steamier than All’s Fair in Blog and War. Are you still with me?

About Luna East and The Goddess of Lost Things

Last year, I posted a short story called Sitting in a Tree. This short story was written for a #romanceclass project called Luna East, a fictional high school that was created by #romanceclass mentor Mina V. Esguerra to serve as a YA story playground of sorts.

But the wonderful thing is that Luna East is now more than just a set of related stories. The first few stories have been collected and will soon come out in paperback! Excited much? Here’s a list of the stories in the first volume:
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All I Want for Christmas is to thank you guys with this book!

When it comes to writing, 2013 is a landmark year for me, because this year marked the publishing of my first book, All’s Fair in Blog and War. This indie published work was a leap of faith; I had no idea at all how people will receive it. Now, months later, I’m happy to say that it has made people laugh, cringe, kilig, and crave for egg tarts.

Nothing makes me happier than knowing that people have welcomed Five and Jesse in their lives. Thank you, dear readers. And to thank you properly, I and fellow #romanceclass authors Chris Mariano (Cover (Story) Girl) and Miles Tan (Finding X) have co-written All I Want for Christmas, a fun Christmas romp.
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All’s Fair in Blog and War paperbacks hot off the press

I love that freshly printed book smell. So while the books are brand new and never been read, they come pre-sniffed. Just kidding! (I only smelled my own copy.) Order a copy now for 300 + shipping to where you are. Or if you’re in the South, it might be possible to do meet-ups in Alabang Town Center or Evia Lifestyle Center in Cavite. Let’s play it by ear.

All’s Fair in Blog and War Print Edition is now Available

The print edition of All’s Fair in Blog and War is finally available. Yes, I’ve finally finished staring and touching the pretty pretty books (My preshusssss…), so I can finally part with them.

Each high quality print copy is available for 300 pesos, plus applicable, location dependent shipping charges. Why so much for such a slim volume? Because All’s Fair in Blog and War is independently published, it has a small print run. Small print runs translate to higher production costs for each copy. Yes. Your economics teacher is right.

Rest assured though, good quality material was used to print the books. I’m sure that once the copy is in your hands, you’ll be ooohing and aaaahing as well. (Our preshusssssss…)

If digital’s your thing and would prefer to read on your ebook reader, tablet, or phone, the ebooks are still available on Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, and a few more retailers.

If you don’t have access to a credit card, are worried about divulging your credit card info to online retailers, or would rather not make an account with the listed online retailers, you can now buy the ebook directly from me. Payment method will be via BPI Deposit (Mobile or Over the Counter—BPI makes no additional charges) and the ebook will be sent to your email address.

Finally, if you missed out on the #romanceclass discounted ebook bundle during the recently held Aklatan, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s still available. Visit Publishing in Pajamas for this special discounted bundle, as well as for other independently published ebooks by popular Filipina chicklit author and #romanceclass mentor, Mina V. Esguerra.

Want a copy now? The order form and pertinent links are all available on the purchase page.