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All’s Fair in Blog and War is an FRCA Finalist!

Have I thanked you folks already? I have? Well, I still want to thank you again. I don’t think I can ever thank people enough for the love and support this little indie story called All’s Fair in Blog and War has received. Proof is how it made it to the finals of the 2014 Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards.

There I was, flailing over something trivial on twitter when the congratulations started pouring in. Which made me flail even harder, spazzing like Giorgio Tsoukalos in the middle of a worldwide alien landing. It was better than egg tarts. It was better than potato chips. Goddamnit, it was better than BACON!

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And the winner is…

Christine C!

Thank you to everyone who joined. I really appreciate the support and enthusiasm. As always, this won’t be the last giveaway. I’m quite fond of them, so there’s always a good chance I’m plotting new ones.

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Messing with this blog

Yes, I messed with the menu bars. I couldn’t help it, it wasn’t quite as organized as I wanted so I messed with it. I realize that people might be dropping in because of the blog tour, so it better look nice. If you like clicking things, there’s a surprise somewhere here. Think of it as a reward for being a clicker.

Anyway, it’s 3am and I should be sleeping. Hoping to do a round up of the different blog tour stops later. If you need it NOW, while it’s unfolding, may I suggest following me on facebook for timelier updates?

So, did you find it already? Heehee.

So I made a Facebook Page

I never thought in a million years that I’d need one. I mean, I have one for Kitchen Cow, but one that’s plastered with my face?

But I realize the importance of connecting with people, especially to share news about All’s Fair in Blog and War, as well as for future books (*hint hint* #SLB) so a Facebook Page it is.

That said, may I invite you to like and follow my official Facebook Page?